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Whether you're a loving wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, you know when you have a rebellious partner, you must spank them if you love them. Keep your lady in line with a wife spanking; keep your husband obedient with OTK corporal punishment.'s videos feature plenty of bare bottom hairbrush spanks, spanked girls and boys, public corporal punishment, and spanking machine fun. Whether you want paddles, hairbrush, whipped ass or OTK bare-hand, bare bottom punishment, has plenty of it. Whipped wives submit to hard punishment, spanked and humiliated over-the-knee in public. Spanked women know this hot over-the-knee action is the ultimate in submission; punished submissive men know their dominant wives will keep them in line with corporal punishment and domestic discipline. Watch as husbands spank wives and girlfriends spank boyfriends. Women spanking men OTK is how feminine wiles assert themselves, and proper male dominance leads to over-the-knee ass-smacking punishment. The delights of the spanked sissy are also explored. For the dedicated connoisseur, every kind of paddle punishment, whipping, public nudity, sexual embarrassment and public humiliation can be used to enforce a dominant's right to spank and the hard lessons a submissive wife or husband, sissy or girl or woman must learn to become obedient slaves. Erotic spanking is the art of the caring disciplinarian. Watch these videos to explore the truest expression of kinky discipline. Learn More...


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